About Lead Angels

Lead Angels was started initially by a team of three originally from IIT Bombay to assist early-stage investments in start-ups. Lead Angels, today, is a full-stack financial services company for start-ups. Apart from investments, Lead Advisory assists start-ups in follow-on fundraising while LA Management & Lamp; Professional Services supports compliance and governance requirements of these companies. The team accomplishes this by providing professional assistance to investor-members in company evaluation and the portfolio companies in their operations.

Our members look for high potential entrepreneurs and then support them leveraging their expertise being successful entrepreneurs and professionals across diverse sectors. They are supported by a team of experienced and qualified executives passionate about their work for both entrepreneurs and investors.

The network has grown rapidly and currently has 200+ members in India, Middle East, Europe and North America. The network members have access to presentations and investor discussions through video conference calls and their recordings available online. 

Support to our investee companies is a key element of our services in building a win-win-win partnership between the team, entrepreneurs and investors.

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